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This site is worth every penny I paid for it.

Did you ever want to buy the Spiritual Success book by best selling author John Harricharan , The Power Pause? I've wanted to buy this book for a while now but didn't want to shell out $97 to get it. The book had tremendous reviews by authors I respect like Joe Vitale and even friends of mine. 

Another book I wanted to buy was, The Ezine Marketing Machine, by Rick Beneteau. It sells for $29.95. 

Plus Rick wrote other ebooks that I was really interested in like, Branding you and Breaking the Bank for $29.95 and his latest blockbuster book Success: A Spiritual Matter for $49.97. Plus I wanted to read his book called, Make Money the Ezine Way that sells for $29.95.

These were the books I knew about and wanted. By joining Rick's new Personal, Business and Spiritual Development Website I got all those books except for Branding you and Breaking the Bank. I could have had that book but but I had to choose between it and The Ezine Marketing Machine. 

I chose the latter book and boy did I love it. Because of the book I've already had my article, The Groundhog Day Technique published on a website where all the other authors are either famous, millionaires or Internet Marketing Gurus. 

Look what the author had to say about the special articles he collected for his website. 

The articles at this site are handpicked for the thought-provoking impact they will leave on you, for their inherent WOW-factor, and for their dynamic ability to cause a change of mindset (yes, they WILL inspire you to think :-)

They're that powerful -- the adrenaline will be pumping, a new excitement will fill the air, and the hidden genie within may even, all of a sudden, appear. Enjoy !

I'm in the company of Jim Rohn, Joe Vitale, Rick Beneteau, Alan Cohen, John Harricharan and others. This is just with one application of his ideas before I finished reading the book. I'm sure I'll be getting lots of traffic to my site by getting my articles listed in newsletters and ezines.

Just the price of the books that I knew I wanted were worth $206.85. I saved $109.85 by joining People Building People. The annual membership entitles you to download all these books and you get much more than that. 

The annual membership price is $97 for the time being. The price may go up in the future, I don't know for sure. But I've only scratched the surface of the ebooks, audio files, exclusive articles and product discounts available at PBP

The best news is that you can download all the information for the yearly membership price and not continue your membership. Or you can get the $12.95 monthly membership and try it for free for one month and still download everything he has to offer. 

Note at the $12.95 price you don't get access to some of the bonuses I mentioned before. But you still get 90% of the value of his site.

You still get the classic book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that is selling for $7.50 at This book is the all time classic personal development book. In it he divulges the principles of success used by the 500 richest and most successful people of his era. 

More to come!!! or visit People Building People now to find out what Rick's Site has to offer you.

Other Personal, Business and Spiritual Success Information you'll get:

  1. Five audio clips of Bob Schienfeld's Invisible Path to Success. I have his book. This is a top notch program. You'll learn why your visualizations don't always work. You'll also learn about the Inner Internet that we are all connected to.

  2. You get three more books from best selling author John Harricharan, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat, Morning has been All Night Coming sell for $16.95 and $26.94 at You also get the sequel to the above 2 best-sellers: Journey in the Fields of Forever. 

  3. Another classic is the book, Acres of Diamonds. This book sells for $10.95 on amazon.

  4. 10 Mistakes that Keep You from Creating What You Want and How to Avoid Them! by jl scott ph.d

  5. Extraordinary Leadership: Becoming a Person of Tremendous Influence, by Chris Widener

  6. As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen. This is one of the all time classic books on visualization in the New Thought movement. It sells for $4.95 at

  7. Prosper, by Charles Fillmore

  8. Success Secrets: How to be More Successful, by KG Sinclair

  9. 20 Little Ways to Stop and Smell the Roses, by Joann Javons

  10. 7 Part Affirmation Course, by

  11. Affirm Your Life and One Love, by Michele Janine Johnson

  12. Manual of Epictetus - The Book of Wisdom, revised by Christian H. Godefroy

  13. Inside the Minds of Winners, by Charles Burke

  14. Scientific Advertising, by Claude Hopkins. This book is responsible for untold millions of dollars in sales and profits. It is the book that many of the 'gurus' you know used as the foundation of their $495 marketing courses. Some who read it can not grasp what it means. Others who read it get affected so deeply that it changes their entire way of doing business and they go on to make fortunes. 

  15. The Magic Story. This story was first published in Success Magazine in 1900. Split into 2 parts, Part I reveals how the Magic Story was found by a starving artist, named Sturtevant, who told the story to others. It's no wonder it's named The Magic Story, since many seemed to prosper from his storytelling. Part 2 is the actual story found by Sturtevant. -- I'm almost certain this read will have an astonishing effect upon your life.

  16. The Ultimate Time-Saving Manual for Internet Marketers, 'Nets Best 200 Resources," by the founder of Marketing-Seek, Rozey Gean. This is one resource how you'll wonder you ever got along without.

  17. Guru Magic! Super Tips from the World's Top Internet Marketing Gurus, by Harvey Segal.  {Hi, Harvey Segal here. If I can give you just one tip for success in any field it's this: "Follow an expert". So if you want to become a Net entrepreneur or build an online business then you need to find a top Internet Marketing expert. Where to look ? Well we have made it easy for you. We asked all the leading gurus "Tell us YOUR top tips for success".

    They gave us their answers and we put them in our Ebook, "Guru Magic !". }

Exclusive Articles:

You also get exclusive articles that only appear on the People Building People website by some of the world's top authors including Jim Rohn, Michel Fortin, Patricia Fripp, Dr. Tony Alessandro, Nido Quebin, John Harricharan, Bob Burg, Rick Beneteau, jl scott ph.d, and several other authors. 

The People Building People Newsletter: 

Each month you get a new edition of the People Building People Newsletter. This valuable newsletter contains an exclusive article every month, a Special Download that could be a recorded mp3 file or a new ebook and other bonus articles and a humorous section. 

In the debut issue you were able to download the classic, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. This is a great book. I paid about $10.00 for my paperback version of this book. It is a truly amazing book, I highly recommend it. It shows that we live in an infinite and bountiful universe and that no one has to step on anyone else to become rich. You'll learn specific visualization techniques to help you manifest your goals in life. 

This Ezine is worth at least $10 per month on it's own. 

Audio Programs:

You'll also have access to audio programs of some of the above mentioned famous authors. As of 9.6.02 they weren't available yet. I hope he adds them soon. 

What's it all Worth?

You get all this and even other things. There is so much I couldn't list it all. But if you bought all of these Personal, Business and Marketing Success Products individually you'd pay a minimum of $404. I didn't even add the price of many of the books. So it's really worth much more than that. 

So if you are interested in improving your life and making a living on the internet as well, I highly recommend you join People Building People. I love this site so far and have been reading from it daily.

Enjoy, Roger Haeske
Founder of

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