Sunfood Diet
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Raw Food Diet

How to Go Raw the Easy Way
Learn the Psychological and Dietary Secrets for Success on the Optimal Raw Food Diet

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This is a fantastic book on doing the Raw Food Diet. Not only that he gives you many motivational techniques to improve your life and to help you make the transition to a raw food diet. 

Make sure to check out the Sunfood Triangle. These are the classes of raw foods you should eat and balance properly to be successful as a 100% raw foodist. 

David studied hundreds of books and contacted hundreds of long term raw foodists to formulate the Sunfood Diet. 

He also tells you about hybridized foods and the importance of eating wild foods.

I also love his discussion of the so-called, Theory of Evolution. He made a convincing argument ripping apart the theory of evolution. 

It's amazing I even here some scientists say that this is no longer even a theory but a fact. Read his argument and you may think twice. 

I used to believe in the Theory of Evolution until I read his treatise on it. 

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