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Master your Destiny:

How to Change Habits and Enjoy the Process

© 1999, Roger Haeske

(This article is an excerpt taken from my upcoming audiotape program of the same title. These techniques are the best ones I've found from researching hundreds of books on self-improvement, peak performance and spiritual topics. I've also included techniques that I've developed to assist in my own transformation. By using these techniques you too can become a professional changer and learn to master your destiny.)

Over the last 13 years I've transformed myself from a negative, insecure, and average person, into a positive, self-disciplined, and goal oriented one. I've eliminated many of my limiting beliefs and attitudes learned in childhood. I've established many positive habits. I've even learned to enjoy reading, studying and working, things I hated when I was a teenager. You could say I've become a professional changer. My life is proof that someone can totally change in a positive way. The biggest key I've found in making changes was to develop such a strong desire for changing that change became effortless and automatic. This strong desire for the positive state provides the necessary will power and self-discipline to make changes easily.

It always irks me when I meet people who think that a person's past equals their future. These people don't believe in the concept of self-improvement and this concept is what my life is all about. Most people have no clue that their only limit in life is in their imagination. If you believe it you can achieve it.

The initial thing that motivated me to make radical changes, was my discovery and realization of, "The Force; the Creative Power." My immersion in the pure power, light and love of The Force was a life changing experience. In one day I became a new person with new priorities. This by the way, is the first technique.

If you want to be something greater than you are you need a higher cause or love to serve. Many people find that they can be extremely productive if they are helping a friend. When it comes to doing their own projects they never can seem to get motivated enough. For many years I've wanted to get into the self-improvement field but wasn't motivated enough to be really productive. When I decided to do my own web site, I finally had a vehicle to serve a higher cause. Then I started dropping all sorts of time wasting activities and became much more productive. My web site is like my own child and I want to do everything I can to serve it. Now by serving my web site I can serve thousands of other people who find the information on it useful.

Some people say they lack the motivation to make changes. That is really the key. I've been able to change because I've developed an intense desire to do so. You must do the same thing. All humans are able to make changes and they regularly do. The problem is that many of the changes are for desires that take them away from their dreams. Most people I've found simply have not developed the belief in their own power to change negative patterns. That is probably because they don't know a good technique that they can use any time they want to make a change.

The next technique in Controlling Desire is to link pain and displeasure to the bad habit and to link pleasure and happiness to the desired behavior. One of the things I do to create a desire for change is to read a motivating book on the subject I want to change. An example is changing my diet. Recently I decided to do an experiment. I wanted to see if I could develop enough desire and willpower to start eating a 100% raw food diet. If you haven't tried this it is extremely difficult to give up addictions to cooked foods. When you give up cooked foods you realize that you were as addicted to them as if you were doing drugs. Cooked foods are extremely damaging to health and also extremely addictive. For more information on the raw food diet visit my Radiant Health Program.

Here is what I did. I bought a book by a person who is a prominent promoter of the raw food diet. He eats only raw and natural vegan foods. The book, by the way, which I highly recommend is, "The Sunfood Diet Success System,"   by David Wolfe. In the book, the author explains the many benefits of eating a raw diet and the extreme perils of eating the disease ridden cooked food diet of most of mankind. (By the way changing my diet has been the number 1 self-improvement strategy I've ever used.) As I read the book I linked the idea of the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful benefits of the raw food diet in my mind. I pictured myself needing less sleep and being more productive, things I've been trying to improve for a long time. Then I linked pain to eating cooked food. I knew from my own past experience that cooked food caused disease in me. So now I really associated in my mind as much pain and disease as possible to eating cooked foods. I even linked up the idea that eating cooked foods was like taking drugs. This worked well for me because one of my primary values in life is not to take drugs. Another primary value for me is to do anything I can to be as healthy, happy and long lived as possible. (Your values have a tremendous effect on your ability to make changes.)

Now I had problems changing my diet because I had to deal with my cravings for cooked food. So I developed a special visualization. I call it the inoculation technique. Anytime I had a craving I'd simply visualize all the pain I associated in my mind to cooked food. You have to reinforce your pain and pleasure links many times because desire can overtake you when your cravings are the strongest. You'll start to rationalize that your old habit wasn't so bad after all. Part of the reason we continue in negative habits is that we rationalize that on some level they are necessary in our lives.

I have some good news for you. If you stop indulging a habit for just a short time your desire for it will go away. At first you have to use willpower and the process of linking pain and pleasure to the behaviors you want to change. After a while, this new pattern becomes a habit. Now you're a changed person. You still have to watch out for the lingering desire. Your negative desire might try to tell you it's ok to smoke just one cigarette or to have a social drink or to eat a whole cake by yourself. That is when you need the inoculation technique. You must reinforce your reasons for making the changes. You have to see in your mind how much better off you've become.

Now lets write down two lists of the habits that you want to change. These habits can apply to anything at all you want to change. On the first list write down all the pain now and in the future that a particular habit is causing you. What will your life be like 5 or 10 years down the road if you don't change your ways? Take the time to get your emotions involved with this list. Try to experience the pain of having a heart attack because you didn't stop that habit of eating a bag of potato chips every night. This is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique called future pacing. Pain is the greatest natural motivator to change. All your are doing is taking control of pain so that you can make a change before the real pain sets in. Heck, if you don't change soon enough you may not be able to change back-it may be too late.

The next list is your pleasure list or your ideal vision list. Here you'll write down all the pleasure you'll gain from your new positive habits. You'll follow the same procedure as above, by getting emotionally involved and using future pacing. Imagine how much money you'll earn by scheduling your day for your most important tasks as they pertain to your future.

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Please feel free to use this article as a Business-Building tool. You may use this article in your ezine, newsletter or website. All that is required is that you include the whole article and place my brief resource box below at the end of each article used. I'd appreciate it if you let me know via email if you are going to use my article.

Roger Haeske is the author of the revolutionary book Infinite Tennis: 

He is the founder of, the site that will help you to "Unleash Your Hidden Superpowers and Unlock your Unlimited Potential for Peak Performance, Radiant Health and Happiness."

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Master your Destiny:

Part 2:

How to Change Bad Habits and Enjoy the Process
Visualization Techniques

by Roger Haeske

Here are some extremely powerful techniques to help you make lasting changes in your life. They work like computer programming for your brain. The key is to reinforce your changes constantly in your thoughts until they become habits. You see, humans are constantly programming themselves without being aware of it. The thoughts you think and ideas you generate are the keys to your destiny. Ideas help you overcome obstacles. All actions start in thought and ideas. If you have the proper ideas theyíll inspire you to take action.

You should constantly picture, feel and hear your ideal state. In our culture most people tend to focus on what is going wrong in their lives or what they donít want. The problem is that the mind gets what it focuses on. So you should always focus on what you want and not on what you donít want. This principle is incredibly important. I use it in my peak performance consultations for athletes as well as for improving my own life. When I realized this principle for myself, my tennis game immediately improved 20%. All the shots I was missing before and struggling to mentally figure out how to do, started coming naturally. By improper focus I was blocking my own potential. In my opinion, most people are unaware of their full potential and have many mental blocks that severely limit their chances at success.

Say you want to stop smoking. Simply visualize how healthy you are as you go through your life day by day breathing in only pure, fresh air. The key is to think these thoughts often, especially when you crave cigarettes. This all goes back to making the future state so desirable that you donít want to go back to your old habits.

A technique to help with controlling your thoughts is to do a mental fast one day per week. This mental fast will change you and make you more disciplined in thought and therefore youíll be much better able to change. You should set aside a Friday or whatever day of the week is best for you and dedicate that day to the fast. That whole day you spend visualizing and thinking about your ideal state. Whenever your mind is free to think any thoughts you want, that is the time to picture your desired result. Iíve done this technique for many years and let me tell you it really works.

I remember the first time I did a mental fast about 13 years ago. I decided to think only positive and non-judgmental thoughts. I mentally threw any negative thoughts into a trash can. It was really lots of fun because it was the first time I actively tried to control my thoughts. The whole world took on a new perception. I noticed how often I thought negatively. The negative thoughts kept on popping up. All I did was throw them in a mental trash can. By the end of the day I was so positive and happy that I thought I would burst with joy. The repeated use of the one-day mental fast technique will change the structure of your mind and of your thoughts. This one technique alone will help you prove to yourself that you are self-disciplined. It is an ancient technique used in many spiritual traditions. Iíve written an article that describes the many benefits of doing a continuous mental fast. The technique is called, practicing the presence of god. This is one of the Ultimate Techniques if you want to live the life of a Superbeing.

A great way to make your mental fast really motivating is to visualize a mentor or role model of a person who already has the desired attributes you want. In your imagination, bring this person with you in all your activities. Your mentor will be a shining example of how you should act and go about your business. You can ask your mentor to help you out and give you the strength you need to be the new you. Youíd be amazed at how helpful this technique is in helping you to change habits.

Iíve done this on numerous occasions. When I work out, for instance, I take Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Jack La lanne along with me. They give me advice mentally. It really feels like they are there with me. I actually get happy just by visualizing them because they are positive role models for me. Also itís a great way to imagine your desired state by looking at these prime examples of disciplined workouts.

Another technique of vital importance in helping you learn to change is the daily practice of a spiritual exercise. By setting aside time to do a daily spiritual exercise you will experience many benefits. Youíll start experiencing a natural high almost instantly once you have been doing the exercises for a while. Youíll also start tuning into your inner guidance. This will give you insights into how to better change yourself. Also while doing these spiritual exercises youíll expand your creativity as well as improve your ability to visualize. Spiritual exercises are like physical exercises for the body but instead you are exercising your true self, the highest you.

There are two basic techniques Iíll give you here. The first is the ancient technique of using sound or a mantra to get you into a deep meditative and hypnotic like state. Once you get into this state you can use visualization as well as positive affirmations and they will be more effective than when you try to do them in your waking consciousness.

The mantra exercise is quite simple and devastatingly effective. You find a regular time to do this exercise every day. The best times are either right after you wake up or just before going to sleep. Then you get into a chair and sit upright. The reason you do this as opposed to lying down is so that you are less likely to fall asleep. Then you close your eyes and take 5 very slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your nose. Then its time to chant your mantra or special word. You should choose a word that will attune you to your higher self or god. Here are some choices, Hu, Om, Aum, Love, God, or the name of God in your religion, or the name of a saint like Jesus or Buddha etc. You may already have a mantra of your own and you can use that. Or you can ask for inner guidance and eventually you will be guided to a word that is right for you. Over the last 13 years there have been several instances where Iíve been inwardly given specific words to chant to help with my spiritual unfoldment.

Now you start chanting your mantra. You breathe in and on the outgoing breath you chant out loud or in your mind the word. Chanting the mantra really helps to keep your thoughts from wandering. With continued practice your mind will become one-pointed and you wouldnít have those constant nagging thoughts roaming about uncontrollably in your mind. This will help your concentration ability in your daily activities. You chant the mantra for at least 10 minutes. You can do it more or less. The longer you do it the more profound the results and the deeper the state. You may want to try to count the number of times you chant the word. You can start with a low number like say chanting the word HU (An ancient name for God) 12 times. The key is to keep chanting until you get into a deep, trance like state.

Once you feel youíre in deep, you can continue chanting or visualize your ideal state. Use all of your senses, this helps to make it more real to you. Simply see yourself in beautiful surroundings as the new person you want to be. Picture someone offering you cigarettes and you looking at them as if they were crazy. You actually have a repulsion to your old addiction. You canít even imagine why anyone would smoke. Thatís how I feel about drinking soda, a habit I gave up long ago. These visualizations will ingrain in your subconscious and help to make your changes permanent.

The second technique is simply using visualization without any mantra. A good way to start is to visualize a golden light emanating inside of you and through you. Everywhere you look are beautiful lights of various hues. Colors so bright that you would be blinded if you looked with your physical eyes. You can put yourself into any paradisiacal setting you like. Many people like having their own inner sanctuary that they can visit again and again.

You can go to a beautiful garden, with all sorts of blooming flowers with all the associated scents. You can have a special bench where you meet with your mentor and discuss any problems you may be having. You could have horses there or any mystical creature youíd like, a unicorn for instance. You could make it like Supermanís crystal palace in the North Pole. But realize that in your imagination, this is real. These structures that you create in your mind, actually exist on the higher planes of reality. Imagination is reality on the other side of life. This exercise should be anywhere from 10 minutes to a half-hour. It is another technique that will help you make permanent the changes you want to make.

Free article to use in your in your ezine, newsletter or website.

Please feel free to use this article as a Business-Building tool. You may use this article in your ezine, newsletter or website. All that is required is that you include the whole article and place my brief resource box below at the end of each article used. I'd appreciate it if you let me know via email if you are going to use my article.

Roger Haeske is the author of the revolutionary book Infinite Tennis: 

He is the founder of, the site that will help you to "Unleash Your Hidden Superpowers and Unlock your Unlimited Potential for Peak Performance, Radiant Health and Happiness."

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