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Your Thoughts and Feelings Create Your Reality

Two life changing Books:

I recently read these two books that I've listed below. They have filled in the missing pieces for me on the laws of manifestation. I've read hundreds of other books on metaphysics and spirituality. But they were all incomplete or part of their philosophy wasn't quite right.

I realized that if I didn't get what I wanted in the past, it was because I was thinking and feeling about what I didn't want. Every one of us uses the power of creation every day. We create constantly, but because many of our thoughts contradict our desires we don't get what we want. Instead we get what we believe we should get. Our beliefs are our most prominent thoughts and therefore they win out in the creation of our reality. 

Realize that beliefs are only thoughts and that we can change our beliefs at any time. These books will change your beliefs for the better. They are some of the best books I've ever read on manifestation, simply because I believe in what they have written. I've read other great books by Neville and others but didn't necessarily completely believe in what they had to say. 

Now I know for sure that I create with every thought that I think either positively or negatively. Abraham is a group of about 100 non-physical beings. So far everything I have read from them sounds like truth to me. There was only one thing I questioned, but it's quite possible that what they say is completely true. 

Somehow the fact that this information did not come from a person on the physical plane, made this book more convincing. 

I love how they explain how virtually everything we have in life is due to our own thoughts. But they do explain other things. This gives the balance, or the truthfulness that you need. Virtually all the questions I ever had on the laws of manifestation have been answered for me in these books.

For instance we probably won't be able to control the fact that the sun rises every day. There are some things here in this physical life that we have agreed to. These things we can't control with our thoughts. They also talk about a future event dealing with the rebalancing of the earth that will cause much damage, death and upheaval. They also say that we agreed to that happening and therefore it will come no matter what one person visualizes or believes. 

So there is lots of common sense and not just an idealists dreams about how they hope life should be.

Lynn Grabhorn was a student of the Abraham-HIcks writings. Her book follows along the same philosophy. She has lots of great ideas to put these techniques into practice. 

The only thing I don't agree with her on is her chapter on health. She said we could literally eat poison if we had positive thoughts it wouldn't hurt us. 

What she fails to realize is that eating food is like eating thoughts. All foods have thoughts or vibrations associated with them. So they also affect your vibrational level. Any yogi could tell you this. I can also tell by her picture she isn't in as good health as if she were eating a raw food diet. Other than that the book is very good. 

Below I'll include two reviews of the A New Beginning I.


A New Beginning I : Handbook for Joyous...

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5 stars The Secrets To Manifesting Your Reality!, February 16, 2002
Reviewer: Jason Bedunah (see more about me) from Arlington, TX USA
I love this book! This book describes how your thoughts really do create your reality. If you're familiar with the Seth Material than you know what I'm talking about (except this book gives real exercises, something I found lacking in the Seth Material). Abraham says, "You live the BALANCE of Your Thoughts." and he/they give you real exercises to joyously create your life. For example, they say that when you feel negative emotions YOU ARE CREATING WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. Then, they give you a simple 3-minute mental exercise called, "Building A Bridge" to get you from what you don't want to what you really want.

They describe how most people "Create By Default" by not really paying attention to their own warning system (their emotions). They then give you ANOTHER REAL EASY EXERCISE to deliberately create your reality, "Exercise for Deliberate Creation" and all you need is a few sheets of paper, a pen and some imagination.

Fabulous! I plan on buying everything available from these guys!
--Jason Bedunah

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5 stars Be, Do or Have ANYTHING!, March 11, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from England
"There is nothing you cannot be, do or have" pretty much sums up the Abraham teachings perfectly.

For years, I thought life had to be a struggle, the world was full of wrongs to be righted and that we had to prove ourselves worthy in some way in our lives to something or someone - whether physical or non-physical. The non-dogmatic, non-preachy Abraham teachings changed my view of the world completely.

Now I sit back and relax, let my thoughts and desires flow and life just gets better and better. I pretty much get everything I want these days and things I don't quite have in the bag yet are well on the way. Even after just a year of playing with the Abraham ideas, I find myself looking at other people in the world and wondering why they make things so hard on themselves.

You see, life is a choice - and it is much more of a choice than many of us dare believe. And we can choose to live life the "hard" way with lots of suffering or we can live it the "easy" way with ever-increasing freedom, growth and joy.

I now know that every single little thing that every occurs in my day-to-day existence is something that I have deliberately created and I now know exactly how to control all those things.

Do yourself a favour - forget all the emotional/religious/psychological baggage you've been carrying all your life and just learn how the natural laws of the Universe really work. One thing is for'll never look at life the same way again.


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