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Raw Food Diet

How to Go Raw the Easy Way
Learn the Psychological and Dietary Secrets for Success on the Optimal Raw Food Diet

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Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step... (Click on this link to read the tremendous testimonials others have been giving this book.) 

Uncover the Missing Link to Living Your Dreams

I just read this most amazing book. I've read hundreds of motivational books but this one just blew my socks off. I finally realized what was holding me back in certain situations. The book is filled with many examples of how the technique has worked for other people. Everyone has used this method for success and for failure in the past. The key is becoming conscious of and understanding what you are doing when you are successful at something. 

The author himself has used the technique over and over again for success and riches in his life. For 15 years he lived in poverty until he discovered this technique. He wrote the book for his sister and after she read the book she immediately got a new car and no longer is living a life in poverty.

My favorite section was the Step Three: Get Clear. This detailed chapter showed me how to overcome my hidden limiting beliefs. I didn't even realize that I had these limiting beliefs. I just thought they were the reality that everyone shared. 

Because of this book I have more confidence than ever and am pursuing my dream life, not just a second best alternative. 

The book also contains the email address of several of the people who taught Joe to use this technique. 


Your Infinite Power to Be Rich

A very powerful and beautifully written book with lots of examples of how people have used and benefited from these spiritual techniques. Much more than just about getting rich. It is one of my all time favorites along with "Awakened Imagination," below. 


Awakened Imagination/the Search

by Neville

A fantastic book that shows you how to create what you want in your life through your Inner Power of Imagination.

4. Law and the Promise  

by Neville

More on the Imagination by Neville. This book has awesome testimonials from many different people. I highly recommend almost any book that Neville has written. 


Journey of Souls : Case Studies of Life...

by Dr. Michael Newton

In this book the author talks about the experiences of his patients during hypnosis. He has mastered a technique to bring them back to the point in between lifetimes on Earth and even lives on other planets. It is really an eye opening book about life on the other side of the veil.


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Improve Your Personal and Business Life

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The Ultimate Superbeing

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