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Dear Roger,

It is with great pleasure that I am telling you thanks for your help and expertise in helping me to find and realize my full potential. Because of you and your program I was able to find and correct certain areas of my life that were lacking something, "the something needed to help jump-start my career in the business and the profession that I had been trying to make for myself for a very long time." Because of your Superbeing Peak Performance System and how it works I was able to locate and correct the small problems that had been holding me back from success for such a long time. Your program has helped me in so many ways and in so many aspects of my life that I can't even begin to put them down onto paper. My only hope is that you will be able to share this great program with the thousands of others out there and that they may be able to benefit from it as I have.

A very satisfied customer,

Neil D. Strausser


Dear Roger,

Thanks for your consultation with me the other day. As a result of your advice I got a raise within a week. On top of that I was also promoted to manager at the same time. It was your unique ideas and viewpoint that helped me to quickly increase sales for my company. Thanks a million.

Hosam, Bell Atlantic Mobile


Hi Roger,

I finished reading your whole Superbeing website. You always bring me inspiration at times when I so desperately need it like today. I experienced what seemed to be a minor yet painful setback in my career. It may seem trivial to most but it was a turning point (I am realizing this as I am writing to you). I now need to jump with both feet in the waters. I am choosing not to wade on the shore of the Ocean of Love and Mercy but to jump right in w/o thought. If I'm to be the great actor that I know I am I need to trust in my greatness. I'm tried of being afraid and cautious. It is time. 

THANK YOU, El Hyndman

El Hyndman soon got a job as an actor on the series Hoop Life on Showtime after writing me.


Today a friend emailed me, recommending the link to http://www.imaginationscience.com, which I visited. It was just the jump-start I needed to re-charge my batteries that had run low. While the basic ideas remain the same, a new fresh author and perspectives spurred me on. I immediately began to put into practice some old techniques I had learned years ago along with some new ideas I found from the site. I could tell you I was completely surprised with the almost instant results but deep down I really believe in the principles and so am not really "surprised" when they work. Delight is more accurate. But there is also always an element of surprise in how it comes about.

My financial situation has been in a very undesirable state for some time now. Several months ago I had decided to sell an old truck I had but thought I needed to make some repairs and advertise and spend money I didn't have before I could sell it. Today, 2 hours after visiting the site and taking a few minutes for meditation, someone appeared at my house and bought the truck. An hour later my neighbor called. I had given her some clothes I told her and her daughters to see if they wanted anything before I took to the Salvation Army. She came by and gave me $11 for clothes they could use saying they knew I could use the cash. Last week I had somehow lost 2 rolls of dimes and $1 in pennies - totaling $11.

While this might be a helpful testimonial for some, I want to not be mis-understood in that I do not practice merely for material goals. For nothing can compare to being in conscious contact with our Source.

My thanks to Roger and all the others I have been led to from imaginationscience.com. For me personally, there can never be too much to help me stay awake and remember. Life seems to provide everything in too much abundance to put us to sleep and forget.

jld2000day (Yahoo ID: Taken from my Imagination Science Group message # 13)



Your Superbeing Nutrition Program is great. I lost 15 pounds in the last month. Not only that I am much faster on the tennis court and have much more energy. In the last six months I lost only 12 pounds with lots more exercise than previous to that time. Your program helped me lose more weight in a month than six months of exercise alone. The best thing about it is that I eat as much as I want.

Thanks, Jim Snell 


From Savyrsf,

A quick note: I have begun using this 'Question Is The Answer" Power. I almost purchased a food I am avoiding today :-% - I had my hand out and was reaching when I remembered the questions!! It worked!! No kidding. Completely eliminated desire!! Not only that but I was reminded of goals and several other desired actions were completed. I then enthusiastically shared this newly discovered power with my sister tonight. 

Taken from my Superbeing Self-Improvement Club message number 30, in regards to the "Unleash Your Secret Genie"

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