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Sleep Less and Increase your Energy by 25%

2002, Roger Haeske

I recently discovered something very interesting. Digestion sucks up a tremendous portion of our available energy. What, when and how you eat makes a tremendous difference in how much energy you have and how much you need to sleep at night.

Lately I've needed a lot of sleep, around 9 hours per night. I had been eating the raw food diet but I had made changes to the composition of what kind of raw foods I was eating. Basically I increased my fat consumption by around 25%. I was also eating these heavy and fatty meals late at night.

Fat, even raw vegetarian fat takes a very long time to digest. While we are digesting fat it takes up lots of our available energy. In fact it can take up so much energy that you may want to fall asleep after a heavy meal. So keep in mind that digestion is our number one energy drain.

The next biggest energy drain is eating complex carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cereal, rice, etc. Yes these energy foods drain our energies while we are trying to break them down to release the energy. Remember they are complex and that is why it takes a lot of energy to digest them.

The easiest foods to digest are fruits. All you have to do is replace your complex carb calories with eating sweet fruits. Bananas are the ideal food for athletes or anyone wanting to experience Peak Performance. You also need to lower your fat intake to no more than 30% of your diet. Preferably you would eat raw fats instead of cooked fats. Any time you cook a food you make it harder to digest and you destroy most of the nutrients in the food. The enzymes which help you digest the food are completely destroyed by cooking, vitamins can be reduced 30 to 90%, proteins are made unusable, and on and on.

That is why so many people are overweight. They are eating foods with empty calories. Therefore they need to eat much more food to somehow get the missing nutrients their bodies crave. Cooked food is food devoid of nutrients and life. And it sucks up all your physical energy and mental enthusiasm while trying to digest it.

Now back to my story. The other day I decided to increase my fruit consumption and dramatically reduce my fat consumption. The following day I was full of energy again and needed only 6 hours of sleep. Imagine that, a 3 hour difference. How much more could you be enjoying your life if you had 1, 2, or 3 hours extra time to each day of your life?

If you just added one extra hour per day to your life, in a year you would have gained an extra 15 days or more than 2 weeks. What if you gained two extra hours per day, then you would have gained a month per year. You've just increased your lifespan because you'll be doing more conscious living.

Add to all that the fact that you have way more energy and the many other health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and your life has taken a quantum leap forward in fulfillment.

I have a friend who was dating a woman named Nini from Sweden who took this digestion principle even further or maybe to its extreme. Because of her diet she was able to do incredible things. For one thing she refuses to ever sit down. She doesn't need to. She stands up all day at work while drawing on her aisle. She gave up her car and decided to ride her bike to work one hour each way. She only needed a few hours of sleep every night. Nini has been experiencing these benefits for the last ten years.

What is her secret? She eats only grapes. She eats every variety of grapes, but that is the only food she'll eat. My friend even offered her ripe, juicy and fresh of the tree organic peaches, but she refused to eat them. Now I don't recommend you only eat grapes. She did this because she had negative reactions to almost every kind of food. I think it's important for most people to replenish their minerals and vitamins by eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. But this just shows you how much digestion saps our strength.

Also avoid heavy fatty or starchy meals late at night. There are even more secrets to this program and specific keys to doing it right, but this should get you started in the right direction.

Roger Haeske

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