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Superbeing Secrets Issue # 13

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1. Free Success Audios
2. The Secret to Starting Positive Habits
3. How to be a Coach: Join Coachville for Free
4. The Power of Concentration

Issue # 13: 9/26/2002

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1. Free Success Audios

I just wanted to tell you about a new free resource on the 
net. You can listen to some of the all time greats in 
success and motivational fields. It's totally free. I 
initially bought the book, Conversations with Millionaires
to have access to only some of these awesome interviews.

Now you can have all 17 of them for free. Listening to 
Mike's interviews has changed my life in numerous ways. 
It has helped me with my online business and improving my 
personal life.

I encourage you to go to his site and listen to the 
likes of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Allen and 
many more famous authors. 

Go The Extra Mile For Others! You Can Tell
Them About The Amazing FREE Money Making
Information At

2. The Secret to Starting Positive Habits
Copyright 2002, Roger Haeske

Our minds love habits and routines. Once your mind gets in
a groove, it doesn't want to change whether what you are
doing is good or bad for you. 

I remember when I was a kid; our father forced us to go
through a special routine to clean our new copper-bottomed
pots with copper cleaner. It took longer now because we
also had to polish the bottoms. We fought him on it at
first, tooth and nail.

A few years later at college, I owned those very same
copper pots. Now I was telling everyone else in the house
how to properly clean with copper cleaner. I took pride in
keeping those copper bottoms shiny and tarnish free. 

I actually enjoyed cleaning them in this way. I remember
thinking back to how I used to fight my father about doing
this. Now it was a habit and I wouldn't do it any other
way. My desires had shifted by the power of ESTABLISHING a
new HABIT. 

This story illustrates the nature of the mind's desire for
routine. If you establish positive habits, you won't want
to change them. Successful habits are as easy to create as
bad habits. If you create only good habits then you are
destined for success and it won't feel like work.

Look at all the things I used to hate in school that I now

1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Learning
4. Computers
5. Working out, jogging and calisthenics
6. Eating a Raw Food Vegan Diet
7. Public Speaking

Nowadays I love working out. I used to hate it, but I
established the habit nine years ago and realized so many
benefits that I never wanted to stop. 

If you can establish a habit for at least a week, you have
a good chance of turning it into a life-long habit. If you
continue doing it for a month or so, and it is working well
for you, then you can keep it for life without struggle. 

Just get yourself to do the habit for one week. After that
week is over you can decide whether you feel like
continuing. If it's a good habit for you, you'll likely
want to stick with it. 

*** Sit at Your Desk Technique ***

This technique will motivate you to start a new habit and
break the inertia from another activity. Decide to sit at
your desk for a half hour. You can either do nothing or do
your work, but those are your only choices. 

I used this technique recently to get myself to write this
article and stop watching TV. I ended up working for 3
hours, not just the initial half-hour. I did it again the
next night to edit this article. I just needed to get
started and then I got to work -- but before I started, I
really didn't feel like doing it. 

Remember, your mind loves routine. You can use this in
your favor. You can do things that you initially didn't
like or even hated by just starting a habit and sticking to
it for at least a week. 

You can also use the Sit at Your Desk Technique to get
motivated to work. This will break or interrupt your mental
inertia from your previous activity and make you desire to
work on your appointed task.

3. How to be a Coach: Join Coachville for Free

About 6 months ago I joined Coachville. This site 
specializes in helping people into the relatively new field
of coaching. It's not for coaching sports but for coaching 
people toward success or to improve their health, even to 
coach people in their public speaking skills.

This site is fantastic. Even if you don't want to be a coach
they have valuable information to help improve your life. On
a scale of 1 to 10 this site is an 11. I paid $79 to join 
Coachville and so did over 12,000 others. 

We as the founding members are proud to have enabled you
to join this site for free. Our paid memberships have 
given Coachville enough financial solvency that they are
able to offer free membership until the end of this year.

If you're in a service business they have this full practice
100 module. That used to sell for $100. They just love 
giving stuff away for free at Coachville.

To check out the free membership just go to this link:

You'll be glad you did.

4. The Power of Concentration

This is an awesome book and it is available free online. 
Just click on this link:

You'll just have to go down the page a bit until the book
actually starts. Before that they are talking about Project
Guttenberg which has thousands of other free books. 



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