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Raw Food Diet

How to Go Raw the Easy Way
Learn the Psychological and Dietary Secrets for Success on the Optimal Raw Food Diet

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Radiant Health Tips:

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  1. Eat many small meals
  2. Eat a green vegetable soup to oxygenate your blood
  3. Eat only Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you lack energy? Maybe you are eating too much.

Recently I found out I may have been eating too much. I was sleeping 9 to 10.5 hours per day even while following the diet I recommend in the Awesome Technique. (This diet consists of eating only Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds.)

I was telling my good friend who happens to be the editor of the book "Raw Knowledge," by Paul Nison, about my symptoms. He contacted Paul and described my symptoms to him. Paul immediately said I was overeating. It turns out that Paul was correct. Once I reduced the quantity of my food intake, I had much more energy during the day and now I only need 7 or 8 hours of sleep. (Note I have always been a long sleeper so for me to feel refreshed on 7 hours is good.)

Here is a link to Paul's great new book. He has interviewed 9 top nutritionists around the world in the Raw Food Movement.


Paul recommends making sure you get enough sleep. As a raw foodist, I can sleep even less if I want and be quite productive because I don't feel as groggy during the day as I used to on little sleep. But sleep is very important for healing your body. You should always sleep until you feel satisfied. Avoid alarm clocks if at all possible.

Sleep times are quite variable. If you are doing heavy work or working out a lot then you will need to sleep more. I was amazed that last night after a heavy workout, I felt perfectly fine on only 7 hours of sleep. This is again because I'm not burdening my digestive system with too much food.

My friend the editor sleeps at most 6 hours per night if he's doing a heavy workout. But he very often gets by on only 4 or 5 hours of sleep or less because of his extremely busy schedule. He can do this, and so many other things as well, only because of the many benefits he gets from the raw diet.

A good way to eat is to eat less per meal but have more meals. If you put too much in your stomach at one time, you may overburden it. If you can eat smaller meals, you will have much more energy throughout the day.

Extreme Resistance to Hot Weather:

I've been experiencing incredible resistance to the heat. We've had heat wave after heat wave this summer and I haven't put on the air-conditioning. Today it got to 100 degrees and I was outside jogging at 1pm. The heat just doesn't bother me anymore. Of course, if it were 10 degrees warmer then I guess I might have a problem. However, I truthfully feel 10 degrees cooler than I used to in past summers.

I went out to play tennis and my partners were complaining about the heat. They felt it was virtually unbearable. It wasn't even a factor for me. I actually enjoyed the weather. I had one of my partners run me around left and right while he was stationary. I just wanted to get a workout, it didnít matter that it was hot.

Heat Resistance is a new benefit in addition to the list of 33 Iíve already compiled for the Awesome Technique. If you want to review that list of benefits go to www.superbeing.com/awesometechnique.htm If you have lots of reasons to make a change, it makes it very easy to do. If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages then you'll want to do it.

Eat a Raw Vegetable Soup to Oxygenate your Blood:

Another thing that Paul Nison recommends in his book is to eat salads often because they oxygenate the blood. Much of our physical energy actually comes from oxygen, not just from the calories we consume. So if you live in a polluted environment, by adding a salad you can improve your level of health by increasing the oxygen content in your blood.

The oxygen level in urban areas is quite a bit lower than out in nature. In addition, the oxygen level in our air used to be much higher in our pre-industrialized world. I forgot the exact figures Iíve read percentage wise but it was a major difference.

I turn my salads into soups. That way I don't need to waste time making a dressing, it is much easier to digest, and the nutrients become more bioavailable. I'm also able to eat soup more quickly. A conventional salad takes quite a bit of time to chew if you are eating it properly.


All I do is use a blender. I start with the juicy ingredients like tomato and cucumber. Then I add celery, garlic and a hot pepper. I blend those until they are liquefied. Then I add as much romaine lettuce as possible. The darker the greens, the more vitamins and minerals they contain. Kale is very dense nutrients but I just don't like the taste and so I donít end up eating it. The worst is Iceberg lettuce. That has very few nutrients in it. Spinach, however, is quite good. 

This soup tastes wonderful and I know I just had the best tasting vitamin supplementever. That's because it's a real and whole food not just part of a food. Some supplements can be toxic. On a raw diet they usually aren't necessary.

Remember, the more raw foods you put in your body, the healthier you will become. Did you know that the USDA now recommends 7 servings of Fruits and Vegetables every day. It used to be only 5 per day. Heck, I probably eat about 25 so called servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You should consider it as well if you want to live at Superbeing Levels.

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