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Overcoming Procrastination
by Mari Peckham

What are the reasons that YOU procrastinate?

*Are you a perfectionist?
*Do you procrastinate on projects that you dislike?
*Do you over schedule yourself?
*Do you have fear of failure?
*Or maybe fear of success?
*Perhaps you dislike or disagree with the person delegating the
*Do you lack clear goals?

There are many reasons for procrastination, but only one result.
Stress, anxiety, and a great amount of wasted time.

Marcia Yudkin, a creative consultant, describes a woman who put
off cleaning her desk and sorting through her paperwork for an
amazing 2 years.

Her reason for procrastinating this important project?

"She realized that going through the piles and cleaning off her desk
would force her to confront opportunities she'd let drop with the
passing of the time," Marcia explains. "She didn't want to face

At times that you find yourself procrastinating, Marcia recommends
asking yourself these questions:

1. What purpose does your procrastination serve?
2. What could you like about the put-off job once you got started
on it?
3. What wouldn't you like about it?
4. What would be the consequences if you continue
5. What have you done in the past to overcome procrastination
that might work for you now?

You may also want to consider a "Pros and Cons" sheet. Simply
draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On the left side,
write down all the reasons for procrastinating on a particular task.
Now, on the right side, write down all of the benefits of getting
started and getting the job done. Once you can see how the
"Pros" outweigh the "Cons" it should be easier to get started on the

Here are some Time Boosting tips to help you get going in the right

*Don't try to do too much at once. Proper planning will allow you to
space out a task over a few days, weeks, or months, and will keep
the task from seeming so daunting.

*Don't worry about how "perfect" the job is done. When you stop
procrastinating, time will allow you to go back and tweak areas
that need it. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a small window
of time to complete your task, and less time to make corrections.

*Get a buddy! Find a supportive (and motivating) friend or coworker
who can help you get moving on something that you are not
looking forward to.

*Don't schedule tasks for times during the day that you know that
your energy level is at it's lowest.

*Reward yourself by doing something that you like after reaching
certain points in your less favorite tasks.

Procrastination is never our friend. It lowers your productivity,
usually, the procrastinated task doesn't go away. I always tell my
children to eat their least favorite food first at dinner, because, if
they wait, they will have it left at the end. Same goes for tasks
we are not looking forward to.

Get them done first, then move on to all the good things!

(c) 2000 Mari Peckham
About the Author:

Mari Peckham is the President of Peckham Enterprises and
webmistress of PowerPromoPlus, your online advertising
solution at: 

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