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Raw Food Diet

How to Go Raw the Easy Way
Learn the Psychological and Dietary Secrets for Success on the Optimal Raw Food Diet

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*** Please note that I no longer recommend eating this way. *** I leave it here so you know what I was doing in 1999 and how I evolved. I eventually found out that eating raw foods and the Ultimate Meal did not work for me. The Ultimate Meal was so concentrated that I started getting sharp pains in my upper body. I also later realized that eating grains even though raw was not the best choice for me. Humans have only been eating grains since the beginning of agriculture about 10,000 years ago. It isn't the food we were intended to eat. We are primates and our natural foods are fruits, shoots and vegetables. 

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Hello, my name is Roger Haeske and Iíd like to introduce you to some ideas that have the power to turn you into a virtual Superbeing. How would you like to be vibrantly happy (from the cellular level), for no particular reason? How about having a clear focused mind with no mood swings. What about exuding loads of energy, love and creativity? Or getting smarter, stronger and improving your reflexes? How about reversing the diseases of so-called civilization like cancer, heart disease and arthritis and growing younger and living longer?

You may think Iím pulling your leg or exaggerating? But Iím not, and the simple reason is that myself and others around the world are living proof of these dramatic results and many more. I also have friends who have experienced similar results and have seen testimonials from people who have cured cancer and other diseases without relapse for many years by using the same principles.

The Superbeing Nutrition Program is really quite simple and yet it is the most powerful peak living program on the planet. For the past 15 years I have researched and personally experimented with all sorts of personal growth, spiritual, peak-performance and nutritional programs and this one produces the most dramatic and instant results.

It is based on what is natural and normal for humans to eat. After all your brain and body are made from the food you eat. You are what you eat. The basic rule: eat as high a percentage as possible of raw-food from vegetarian sources. (Even raw meat would be much better than cooked though the scientific evidence points to humans as being natural fruit and vegetable eaters.) Thatís the whole program in a nutshell. Of course Iíll show easy ways to implement the program. Iíll also explain why it works.

The easiest way to get started is by using a superior product called The Ultimate Meal. This is a 100% raw, vegetarian (actually vegan), and organic meal and nutritional supplement in one. This product has been a godsend to me. It has allowed me to eat a high percentage of raw foods because it is so filling and so nutritious. Even though The Ultimate Meal is low in calories and fat it is very filling. I even lost a few extra pounds of fat since using it. I also found that since my body was being so well nourished I didnít have any cravings for sweets. All my life Iíve gone crazy for sugar and chocolate but now I donít feel the need to eat them.

Three years ago I discovered that eating raw-foods was really beneficial for my health. The raw-diet produced a quantum leap forward in my happiness. I was on a natural high almost all the time and happy for no particular reason. I could feel the cells in my body being electrically charged with the life force and thanking me for finally giving them food that was full of vibrant energy and happiness. These changes that occurred as a result of the diet improved almost every area of my life.

Since I found that raw-food was so good for me I decided to eat 100% raw-foods. I experienced incredible benefits in my health but I also encountered some problems. Eventually I had to stop eating 100% raw because I had very little energy, I was freezing cold in the wintertime and I craved sweets. I did however continue to eat about 40% raw-foods and that was enough to keep me feeling pretty good.

Then I discovered The Ultimate Meal. This wonderful product enabled me to eat an 80 to 100% raw-food diet without any of the drawbacks I mentioned before. Now Iím full of vitality, energy, happiness and health. Iím also very emotionally stable with no mood swings and my thinking is sharp and focused no more mental fogginess.

I am not the only one experiencing incredible benefits from a high percentage raw-food diet. Iíve read of many testimonials that were similar to my own. Here is a list of benefits that people around the world are experiencing on a raw-food based diet.


  1. Less sleep required each night. 

  2. The healing of many diseases including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma, colitis, depression and others

  3. Greater resistance to colds and flu. 

  4. Instant spiritual attunement to the higher power. 

  5. Faster reflexes. 

  6. Superior athletic performance. 

  7. Increased strength and resistance to injuries. 

  8. Greater Creativity. 

  9. Lower pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol. 

  10. Improved eyesight. 

  11. Clearing of nasal passages no more sinus problems. 

  12. Vibrant energy to accomplish many tasks. 

  13. Too many other benefits to list.

How to DO IT:

Go to your local health food store and get The Ultimate Meal. Or order directly from them at 1-800-843-6325 or visit their website at  http://www.ultimatelife.com.They have recipes on the label and you can get more recipes for free by calling them or visiting their website. While you are at the health food store also pickup a raw grain that will make The Ultimate Meal even more filling, called Oat Groats. Itís oatmeal in its raw form. It should look a little like rice. Oatmeal and steel cut oats would be useless because they are not raw.

Take the oat groats and place them in a container with water that goes about twice as high as the level of the groats. Let the groats soak at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. You can change the water every 12 to 24 hours. Once the groats have soaked you rinse them and they are ready for the blender.

Superbeing Power Meal Recipe:

Ĺ Apple (Organic is preferable for all the ingredients)

1 Banana (Ripe with black spots appearing on the yellow skin)

Ĺ cup soaked oat groats or whatever amounts you need to feel full.

1 tsp. Spirulina

1 scoop of The Ultimate Meal

1 tbsp. Cold pressed Canola or Flaxseed oil (Add only if your not being filled up)

Spring or filtered water

Take the 1/2 apple and cut up into cubes so that the blender can liquefy it. Add to the blender with water to liquefy. Now add the oat groats and the banana and blend until you get a smooth consistency. Add the Spirulina then put in a few more ounces of water and add the scoop of The Ultimate Meal. If youíre having problems blending keep adding water, that usually makes things go smoother. Youíll just have to experiment if youíre not well versed in using a blender.

If after eating this power meal you feel hungry within an hour or two you need to either increase the amounts or you may be hypoglycemic. If youíre hypoglycemic you can use half a banana or none at all. Also by adding the oil to the meal it helps to slow down the rate of digestion so that you feel satisfied for a longer time. The Ultimate Life Company also sells a sweetener that doesnít rise up your blood sugar levels at all called Birch Sugar.

Eat this meal for breakfast and lunch. At dinnertime you can have some cooked foods. I recommend that you have a large salad at the beginning of your cooked meal. This will lessen the negative effects of eating cooked foods.

In general cooked foods are poisonous to the human body. Think about this, what would happen if you burned your skin? Youíd be in massive pain and your cells would be permanently damaged. Now think about what cooking would do to live animals or plants. It would do the same to them. Cooking kills the germs and everything else. Just because mankind has been cooking food for thousands of years does not mean it is a healthful practice. Try eating raw for a few days and youíll feel the unbelievable difference.

Here is a passage from the book "Spiritual Nutrition and The Rainbow Diet" by Gabriel Cousens, MD on the effects of cooking food. "During normal cooking, enzymes are destroyed, pesticides and fungicides break down to form toxic compounds, and there is an increase in free radicals. Cooking foods also coagulates the protein. In addition, eating foods that are too hot can actually disrupt the digestive enzymes in the mucousal lining of the stomach. Eating cooked foods causes an immediate increase in our white blood cell count

Cooking foods destroys the most vital element of the food the enzymes. Enzymes are even more important than vitamins for our health. Enzymes contain the life force and are responsible for millions of actions inside the human body. No scientist has yet been able to synthesize enzymes. As we age our enzyme levels decrease; chronic disease depletes our enzyme reserves. The enzyme level of a 25-year-old is about 30 times higher than that of an 80-year-old.

Eating raw and live foods actually increases ones spiritual attunement and brings light into the awareness. We can restock our enzymes by eating raw and especially sprouted foods (Like in the Ultimate Meal). Another technique is to take plant enzymes with every meal especially with cooked meals.

For more in-depth information on developing your own raw-food program I recommend the following books, and the www.rawfood.com website.

"Awakening Our Self Healing Body," by Arthur M. Baker, M.A.

"Conscious Eating," by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

"Natureís First Law: The Raw-Food Diet," by Arlin, Dini and Wolfe

You can also contact me Roger Haeske at 732-432-4839. Depending on how bad your diet and lifestyle has been in the past you may experience mild to serious detoxification symptoms. I can help you get over these hurdles

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